My curiosity about "real houses"/single family homes started when I was 9 years old. When Mom remarried and the 3 of us moved into a 4 bedroom house, as the only child at the time, she told me I could pick any bedroom I wanted. So which bedroom did I choose - the master bedroom of course! It came with an full bathroom and a whole other room (aka the walk in closet) - it was our whole NYC apartment in one room! As you can imagine, I didn't get THAT room....

My passion for style and renovating came from my parents. Growing up we went to tons of estate & garage sales, looking for "hidden treasures". The first item I remember them getting is a couch, which is still in their home today. Dad, took the wood all the way down, stained and finished the wood; restrung, re glued & coiled the frame back together. Mom did all the upholstery work. 


They taught me not to look at things as they are, but rather what they could become. They also gave me the courage to try anything.


My foray into real estate, planning and developing (of sorts) started many years ago when I successfully navigated my way through my first new construction condo in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. Over the years, I have completed the design, renovations and remodels of my own homes as well as others.

As you may image, I still love antiquing, DIY, as well as gardening, travel, yoga and photography.